Q&A: Jared Dylan


I talked to rising star Jared Dylan about his career and his summer smash, “Symphony.”

Q: Where are you from?

I was born in Morris County, New Jersey.


Q: When did you start playing guitar and songwriting?
I started songwriting when I was around 16.  I started playing the guitar since I was 10. I really didn’t get into the latter until I started to write songs.


Q: Do you have any musical influences?
Probably everything I’ve ever listened to. ::laughs::  Lots of jazz. I didn’t know I could sing until I was 16. I started singing songs by the British band, The Kooks. I always sang with a British accent. Currently, I’m enrolled at The Frost School Music at University of Miami. The first thing they taught me was to sing WITHOUT the accent.


Q: What is your favorite part of performing live?

When you connect. The whole reason I write music is for the audience. I make the lyrics as vague as possible so people can relate in different ways. To see people clapping and singing along is..incredible.


Q: What is your song “Symphony” about?

It was one of the first songs I wrote. It’s about a girl from Georgia that I knew for six hours. We had a mutual friend. We all watched “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.” NO idea why we had that movie on ::laughs:: I haven’t seen her since. We’ve kept in touch through text. I had a huge crush on her. So, I wrote her a ‘Symphony.’


Q: What do yours fans mean to you?

They’re the reason I keep doing what I do. Fans are people who respond to the music. They’re who I’m writing it for. I try to make every song conversational. They mean…everything to me.


Q: Your song “Symphony” has been winning Neci’s Knockout on MIX 106.5 for the past five nights in a row. What does it mean to you as an artist, knowing fans are voting for you and your song?

It’s hard to express. When I first found out “Symphony” was going to be features, I contacted everyone I knew. I was up against Nick Fradiani the first night, and I was insanely nervous. Since then I’ve been up against Jason DeRulo, and Adam Levine. JASON DERULO?! ::laughs::

The DeRulo song has some of the best producers in town on it. People continually vote for me. I cannot express how amazing the support has been. Two fans have even set up a fan club for me! ::laughs:: So glad this is a team effort. No reason to do it if you’re going to do it alone. I don’t even think I’ve done anything spectacular yet. I have so many big dreams and aspirations..there’s so much more to come!

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