Q&A: Missy Grynkiewicz

I chatted with local comedian Missy Grynkiewicz about her comedy career and her new film “Days Of Power.”

Q: Where did you grow up?

I lived in Salisbury until I was 10. Then I moved to Milford, Delaware. I’ve kind of stayed here for the most part. I was an only child. I used to play frisbee with myself. ::both laugh::


Q: You’re a singer, actress, comedian…which came first.

I was super duper shy! So my mom shoved my in church choirs to bring my personality out. I wouldn’t talk to anyone, but I would sing my ass off. Then I started doing plays in Elementary school, and it kind of stuck. Comedy happened later on in my adulthood.

Tidbit: Linda Hamilton from the “Terminator” movies was my babysitter. How crazy is that?!


Q: Out of the three, which is the hardest?

Acting is nice because you get to practice, and you’ve got a director telling you what works and what doesn’t. Comedy you’re flying by the seat of your pants and is much more unpredictable. So I would have to say comedy for sure.


Q: Is there any actor you would love to work with?

I think Cate Blanchett is amazing. If I could get to do a scene with her or Anthony Hopkins.

Two legends right there.

Even if I could just do a walk on “Hello” scene. I watch anything with them in it.

“Hello Clarisse.” Holy crap that was a terrible Hannibal impression

Yes, yes it was. ::both laugh::


Q: Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people with versatility and who work their ass off, and make shit happen.


Q: You’re a mom, a comic, a singer, an actress, AND you have to deal with your boyfriend Jeremy..how do you balance everything?

::laughs:: Yes I have to deal with him as well. I don’t know if it’s balance or just surviving! You have to call upon different parts of your personality to help deal with the kid things, the adult things, and professional things. I’ve learned to never let myself stay in the state of worry without taking a deep breath..if you don’t, you’ll go nuts.


Q: What is “Days Of Power” about and who do you play?

It’s a thriller about a pop star from Switzerland to tour in the United States. She’s scaling back her big tours and wants to hit smaller venues. She wants to find a companion animal for her puppy which she travels around with. I am NOT a nice character in this film ::laughs::


Q: Just from your social media posts, I can see you’re totally NOT like your character in the film, THANK GOD!

Thank god someone finally noticed! ::both laugh::

Where do you pull the darkness from to play such an evil character?

I try and fit someone else on for size. I try to reach in and discover what a person like that would feel like and look like. During each take,I would make sure that I was acting like my normal self, so that no one would think I actually WAS my character in real life!


Q: What was it like working with Eric Roberts, Paul Lewis, and the rest of the cast?

It’s funny, when someone like Eric Roberts is involved in a project, you’re always like “Wow, Eric Roberts is in this movie!” You hold him up, but realize we’re all just doing our job.

Paul and I are used to working together,  but NOT in something like this. So it’s pretty cool to see him go psycho, then get to psycho back at him. We ended up laughing a lot watching dailies back each night.


Q: Are you excited about the “Days Of Power” screening at Arundel Mills Thursday?

I’m SO excited. It’s so neat to watch people watch a project you’re in and then get to host a Q&A after and get their feedback.


“Days Of Power” screens Thursday, March 30th at Cinemark Arundel Mills!

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