Comedy Spotlight Q&A: Jordan Carlos

I chatted with Jordan Carlos about his comedy career and his Presidential impressions

Q: Talk about your childhood, where you grew up, etc

Whoa man..this is getting personal RIGHT AWAY. We should at least get appetizers first..

I was born in Dallas, Texas to two amazing people. My mom introduced me to comedy..she was a big comedy nerd. She was a big Flip Wilson fan, Red Foxx fan, Carol Burnett. I started doing improv comedy in high school, and started doing stand up after college.


Q: Why is tour called The Whale Sex Tour?

Again man, getting soo personal dude! You have a way with words. Next question. ::laughs::


Q: You’ve worked with Larry Whitmore, Samantha Bee, and Stephen Colbert. What were those experiences like?

They were great. Stephen Colbert stayed in character all day, which was kind of weird. We never really talked. We talked to Stephen, of the Colbert Report, but not the real guy. Working for Samantha Bee was a dream as well. They’re three of the best comedians working right now. It was a dream getting to learn from them.


Q: Random: What is your favorite film so far this year?

Oh my god.. ::pause:: “Moana” without a doubt. “Get Out” was good..hmm what else have I seen. Damnit Nick, you have me thinking out loud!

You’re welcome

::laughs:: I’m going to wake up at 3am and go “Oh man, I should’ve told him THAT movie!”

That’s what I’m here for.

Q: How daunting was it trying to perfect your Obama impression?

(as Obama): Well….you have to listen to..a lot of speeches. You have to..make sure.. you..stop in weird places. And don’t forget to stutter. But as have to move on

(As Trump) Like you have to work on other Presidents, like a Donald Trump impression, and make it FANTASTIC.

The hardest part of Obama was stuttering, and Trump was his breathing pattern. You have to go out of your mouth. It took me three months to get Obama, and Trump a matter of a few days.


Q: Are you excited about your show in Baltimore Sunday?

I’m VERY excited. I only come to Baltimore when the block is hot. The last time I was there I was covering the Freddie Gray riots, and now I’ll be there right after the statues came down. I never come in a mellow period, it seems. Should be a fun time!

Jordan headlines The Creative Alliance Sunday!

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