Q&A: Vonda Shepard

(Photo Credit: Dirk Mai)

I chatted with Vonda Shephard about her new album and getting back on the road.

I saw that you were recently on Lisa Loeb’s podcast. How fun was that?

We don’t know each other that well, but she’s an old pal. We’ve run in sort of the same circles since we’ve been making music. We have kids that are around the same age so we have a lot in common. 

You were on “Ally McBeal” and you wrote the music for the show. What is it like seeing the show have a rebirth on streaming?

It’s really cool because it hasn’t been playing anywhere in a while. There’s a reboot coming up that I’m not a part of. It’s kind of cool having a show you were a part of be the basis for a new show.

What was it like for you during lockdown?

It was incredibly productive for me musically but i hated it. I wrote my new album and also recorded it. I was able to hunker down and focus. I got a lot off my mind. 

Are you a fan of Broadway? 

My father was a theater critic so he was able to get us seats to musicals when I came home from LA i love that we have that connection. I’ve always thought of doing something on Broadway. My favorite musical is “The Lion King” for sure. I love the visuals and of course the music. 

How have you grown as an artist between your first album and this album? 

The biggest change probably came between my first and third albums. On my first album, I was pressured to work with certain producers who changed my vibe and sound. My voice has gotten more soulful and deeper in recent years. 

Why did you name your album “Red Light, Green Light?”

It’s the opening track on the album. It’s a great intro to the album so we thought we go with it. It’s not a deep meaning but it’s also a great visual on the album cover.

What is your song “These City Lights” about?

It’s about being afraid about what was going on politically in America at the time that I wrote it out. Love is the key to combating all of that. In the chorus, it talks about how I escape the craziness through the song.

What has it been like getting back on the road?

It’s been incredible. I’ve been with my band off and on for twenty plus years. The audiences were so excited. 

What do your fans mean to you?

I’m grateful because they’ve supported me over the years. They’re open to what I have to say and as an artist that means a lot. When I look down and see them singing to my songs, it just makes my heart smile.

What is your favorite song to perform off the new album and why?

Oh, no one’s asked me that one yet. It would have to be “Dirty Laundry Line.” It’s the next single. It has a cool groove to it. It was one of the easier songs for me to write.

Are you excited to get back to Annapolis?

Very excited. I’m going to bring some new CD’s to sell as well as some classic vinyls for fans to pick up. 

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