Comedy Spotlight Q&A: Drew Landry

I chatted with comic Drew Landry about his love for movies and his upcoming show at Ottobar

Talk about your upbringing

I lived in a suburb of Chicago as a kid, but then moved to Baltimore. I started doing standup when I was 13 at the school talent show. At 15, they started letting me into bars and comedy clubs.

What brought you to standup?

I kind of always wanted to be a comedian even as a little kid. I was obsessed with Chris Farley and “SNL” and wanted to be a sketch comic. But then I saw standup specials on Comedy Central and just thought it was the best job in the world. I wrote jokes as fast as I could to audition for things.

What was it like stepping into the bar scene at 15?

It was surreal. I would usually have my mom with me. It was odd and very difficult because. For a while, my audience was my friends. I actually learned “how to do it” once I got up in front of strangers.

Who is your favorite comedian and why?

Katt Williams. When you watch his specials from the 2000’s, you don’t go thirty seconds without laughing. “Pimp Chronicles” is the funniest special ever.

You’ve been open about your mental health struggles on social media. Has your openness been therapeutic for you?

I didn’t think it would be but it takes the stigma away from it. I was embarrassed about being bipolar, but it went from being a secret, to being something I could tell jokes about. I was in a mental hospital for a time as a kid, but to tell jokes about it, helped get rid of the stigma.

Why should people watch your YouTube special “All My Friends Are Dead?”

I think most people can relate to it. If you can’t, you will one day. Grief is a great equalizer. I want the special to be comfort food for someone going through grief, without getting too depressing.

What has been the reaction?

It’s been pretty positive. It’s so flattering because it’s so personal to me. So there’s a vulnerable feeling with putting it out there. It’s jokes about essentially the worst thing that ever happened to me. To be able to put it out, have people laugh or email me that it helped someone through a rough feels good.

I saw on your IG that you’re a huge movie buff and you listed your Top 10 of the year. Which was your favorite and why?

I would say “Skinamarink.”

I hated it. ::both laugh::

I’ve seen only extreme reactions to it. Either you really love it or you really hate it. The reason I personally loved it, is because it felt like a nightmare you would have a kid. It’s slow, confusing, and bizarre. I saw it in the theater where half of us were gripping our cup holders and the others were bored. It’s pretty polarizing.

There was only one part of that film that freaked me out and it was the scene involving the bed and what was underneath the bed. I’m a horror fan as you can tell, but the one horror film that freaked me out that most recently was “Hereditary.”

That was TERRIFYING. And EXHAUSTING to watch.

I saw you had “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” on your list too. Why do you think “Barbenheimer” was such a phenomenon this past year?

I think people have a fatigue of superhero movies. Moviegoers were hungry for something different. To that point, both movies are smart, polar opposites, and ACTUALLY good in their own respects. It organically became it’s own sensation.

Tell me about your upcoming show in Baltimore

Very excited! I haven’t performed in Baltimore since 2019. It’s a homecoming show. I’ll have family and friends coming. I’m bringing a co-headliner, Kari Assad, Kandice Martellaro and Mike Quindlen as our openers. Should be a fun time!

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