Q&A: Odd Foxes

I chatted with Kevin and Lauren from Odd Foxes about their upcoming show and..well..foxes!

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Lauren: Oh, that’s a question. It’s been in my blood since a kid. I grew up in a very musical family. We’ve been doing musicals and plays since I was about seven.

Kevin: My first crush was Cyndi Lauper so I knew I was obsessed with music then. In second grade, I performed a New Kids On The Block group on the recess playground. I was Jordan Knight

::all laugh::

I was quite the hit in second grade. Grunge came along in the 90s and I started my first band.

I would pay GOOD money to go back in time and record that.

Kevin: I got the right stuff

How did Odd Foxes form?

Lauren: This is a rebirth of our past band, The Henchman.

Kevin: We were writing new songs and the lineup was ever changing. Lauren and I thought the new music was justified for a fresh start. The music is involving..it just felt right. I’m a fox, and Lauren is odd.

Swap that out and I think it’s more believable..

Kevin: Wow, Nick! I’m taken aback by your brazenness.

But why foxes?

Lauren: Have you ever seen a fox?! They’re sleek, they’re sly, they’re cool.

Kevin: Lauren and I were talking about the band name and Lauren had on fox socks. So it was fate, I guess.

How did your song “God damn” come about?

Kevin: We were working on the piano part of the song and I just started writing words. It’s about the moment when you meet someone and they light your world on fire. I think it’s relatable..everyone has that a few times in their life right?

Lauren: The pieces just came together..damn it!

Kevin: “play the goddamn bass part in the goddamn song, goddamn it!”

I mean this in the most loving way, but Lauren..how do you deal with Kevin?

Kevin: Nick, I thought we were bros?!! ::all laugh::

Lauren: There’s a training and preparation. I’ve had some of the most fun times hanging out with Kevin. There will always be smiling and laughing. Even though he’s a little crazy and off the wall, we love him

Kevin, what is it like working with Lauren?

Kevin: It’s wonderful. I think her voice is so enchanting. It was a dream come to true to include her in this. We have a lot of fun together. You said you’re gonna VenMo me for that right?

What is the last show you binged?

Lauren: “Fallout”

Kevin: I watch so many shows at once ::laughs:: Just re-watched “House of The Dragon”

I would have to watch “Game Of Thrones” first..I’ve seen the Red Wedding episode but that’s it.

::Kevin and Lauren laugh::

Kevin: Wow! It carries no emotional weight whatsoever ::laughs::

It was awesome to watch

Kevin: No it wasn’t! Wow! ::laughs::

Favorite movie of all time?

Kevin: “Shawshank Redemption”

Lauren: “Dumb and Dumber”

Betty or Veronica?

Lauren: ohhh..Betty!

Kevin: Betty.

Kevin, what is your part of the Maryland Music scene?

Kevin: Wait, you think I like it?

You just got a big award a few years back, don’t make me take it back! ::all laugh::

Kevin: It’s cool to be a part of the community that really has your back.

Lauren: I love how eclectic it is. You can see musicians from Baltimore.. hip Hop, grunge, Rock. Where I live, you can go see country, folk, rock. It’s a big family unit.

Kevin: ::disguising his voice as bandmate Brian Reilly:: And mostly Kevin Hock!


Kevin: “Brian, you weren’t invited to this!”

Lauren, if you could duet with any artist living or dead, who would it be and why?

Kevin: Wow bro, really? That’s already been answered! ::Lauren laughs::

Lauren: Outside of Kevin Hock, I’m on a huge Arctic Monkey kick. So, Alex Turner. That man is a musical genius and pick his brain and absorb his talent.

Kevin: I’m still going to have to go with Zooey Deschanel. I’ll love her forever.

Lauren: What a babe.

Kevin: She’s such an old soul. Runner up would be Rachel Price from Lake Street Drive.

Are you guys excited about your upcoming show?

Kevin: Ehh.

::all laugh::

Lauren: I was waiting for the smart ass comment!

Kevin: It’s going to be a blast! You mentioned Brian before and he’s my best friend. I’ve never played with him in a band before.

Lauren: It’s going to be a great time!

Odd Foxes headline Metro Gallery Saturday, June 8th! Buy tix

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