Comedy Spotlight Q&A: Brian Posehn

I chatted with comedian Brian Posehn about his love of horror movies, heavy metal, and his career.

When did you know you wanted to be a comedian? 

Strangely enough I wanted to be a character first. Not the lead character but the second banana guys who say crazy shit and then walk out. That was more appealing. My mom always said I was funny but of course she’ll say that. It wasn’t until around nineteen or twenty where a buddy of mine pushed me to do standup in a night club. 

Do you still get nervous when you go on stage?

Oh hell yeah. It would be weird for me if I didn’t. You still have to win the crowd over and hope they like the material. It’s raw, man. You’re wide awake. 

What was it like getting back to touring after lockdown?

Touring was weird but promoting was so fun. That’s the biggest break I ever took as a comic. I wasn’t ready for it. It was nice not having to trouble..flying was the worst part of what I do. 

You competed on “Worst Cooks In America.” What is your favorite dish to cook?

I was kicked off first or second. The worst worst cook. I love making a good omelet. I can do a lot of stuff with cheese, the same stuff I did as a latch key kid. 

What is it like being a part of “The Big Bang Theory?”

It’s crazy. I get the least time of the walk on guys, but I’m still considered a part of the cast. People really really love it. Older folks love it. Younger people love it. What a thing to be a part of it.

How did your love of horror films come about? 

At a really early age, i saw some Universal stuff. “Frankenstein” and “Dracula.” One of the first nightmare I had was Dracula at four years old. There was definitely some irresponsible parenting there. I was nine years old when i saw “Night Of The Living Dead” alone and I was terrified…but I loved it. I would have to find the next movie to consume. I would be getting my fix watching films and then in a tree reading “Christine.”

Who are your favorite metal artists?

I started with traditional hard rock. Van Halen, Led Zeppelin. I go deep and love some obscure stuff. A huge RUSH fan but I don’t consider them heavy metal.

Would you ever want to write a horror comedy? 

Oh that’s next for sure. During Covid, I got into comic books. I wrote something called “AXE” that was sort of like “Evil Dead” where a flesh eating guitar would bring you into another dimension. So I would love for that to come to fruition. 

Favorite comedians? 

Steve Martin got me into it. Freddie Prinze was one of the first comics I ever loved. Dave Attell makes me laugh harder than anyone. My pal Patton Oswalt is another one. I’ve loved Chris Rock forever. He’s one of the most consistent comics out there

Excited about your show here in Baltimore? 

I have a good history in Baltimore. I love that city. I never get to spend enough time there. Definitely looking forward to it. 

Brian headlines Baltimore Soundstage this Saturday! Buy tix

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