Q&A: Mike Ricksecker

(Photo Credit: Ali Cotton)

I chatted with author Mike Ricksecker about his supernatural experiences and his new book.

When did you start having supernatural experiences? 

Around eight years old. I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a tall dark figure in my room. I thought I was a goner. I’m trying to scream but nothing came out. I was too terrified. It ran off down the hall and hid in a closet. I finally was able to scream, ran to my parents and jumped in their bed. I wouldn’t call that house haunted though. The next house we moved in was pretty haunted though. 

What is a shadow figure and how dangerous can they be? 

That’s a loaded question. It depends on the kind of shadow we’re talking about. Some can be dangerous and nefarious. It would be a disservice to say that they’re all like that though. Some are just spirits who can’t manifest entirely. Some could be an extraterrestrial who needed a cloaking device. 

How tough was it to put all of these experiences in book form?

It’s a challenge. In a lot of cases you have to relive some of these experiences. I researched for a few years. So it takes a lot of dedication. But you also want to be genuine in what you put out there. Someone might have had an experience and they might pick up the book, so you want to be as informative and truthful as possible. 

What do you remember the research process for your book “Ghosts Of Maryland?”

That was an interesting project. I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. I’ve been passionate about it for a while. I wanted to emulate  the Encyclopedia Brown books ::laughs:: My first book was a mystery novel. I was on MySpace, so you know it was a while back. I’m marketing my book and my editor found me. She contacted me and saw that I was interested in the paranormal. She wanted to know if I would be interested in writing a book about the paranormal in Maryland where I was at the time. 

I had the chance to not only tour the buildings but talk to people who worked there, families, etc 

Is there one story in that book that stands out to you? 

Yeah, the Samuel Mudd House. I had to visit a couple times because I lost all the photos I took the first time. Every time I went there, technology wouldn’t work. Anyway, I went back and it was closed. The caretaker pulled up and said I could go take pictures while he opened up the house for a private party. He was taking me into the room where John Wilkes Booth had spent the night, and he explained that sometimes people would find an impression in the bed, like someone had slept in it. I look over to the bed, and low and behold, there was an impression. I snapped a picture of it to feature in the book. I had my daughter with me and she kept feeling someone or something poking and prodding her which was unsettling. 

Do you find being on social media are more willing to send you their own paranormal stories?

Oh i get them all the time. I also get the folks who say that I need Jesus or that I’m a demon ::laughs:: 

How crazy haunted is Alaska?

There’s a lot going on there

Like the Alaska triangle 

Oh yeah. What’s interesting is it you have a lot of seismic activity. Volcanic activity. The northern lights. That’s  a fantastic cocktail of energy that creates a plethora of experiences. Planes just go missing out of thin air. Ghost shipwrecks. UFO sightings. Pick your haunting and it’s probably happening there.

Mike’s new book “A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People” is available to buy HERE

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