Q&A: Red Wanting Blue

(Photo Credit: Stephen Albanese)

I chatted with Scott from Red Wanting Blue about life on the road and his muses for his songwriting.

Do you ever get anxiety about being on the road for so long?

In different ways. I love to travel and love going to new places. As I’ve gotten older, I miss being in my home more. Unfortunately we all know it’s a part of the job. I do have a fear of traveling in the winter. We’ve had a lot of close calls in the past accident wise. You can’t help but be driving and wondering if either drive on each side of you is one hundred percent paying attention. I’ll take it in the fall, summer and spring..but snowy and icy roads with a bus and trailer?

Recently we got back to Ohio where it was negative nine degrees. My wife and I drove back home and it was sixty five. So you literally have to pack clothes and shoes for ANY occasion.

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

That’s a good question. I still don’t know if I am or not. I’ve been singing since I was a kid. I would be singing around to whatever would be playing in the house. I can thank them for the old Air Supply or Barry Manilow albums I know by heart. I always sang in choirs from a little kid in church through school. In my adolescence, as any brooding kid, I started writing poetry and songs in a notebook. I didn’t want to sing what I was singing; I wanted to sing what was on music videos at the time. The grunge scene especially. It was pretty important to me going into college to start a band.

So you love to perform and the stage. What is your favorite musical is why?

I’m not sure. I know that’s not a good answer. When I was a kid, I took of advantage of any opportunity to be on stage. Whether it be in a church choir or high school play. In college, as I began to study theater, I realized being in a band, you have so much more control in the creative process. That appealed to me more. As I found myself at a crossroads, I went down that path of more control.

Oddly enough, last Christmas my family and I went to see “Beetlejuice.” It’s crazy how films from our youth are now musicals on Broadway. It was pretty entertaining.

What is your song “Stay On The Brightside” about?

It’s certainly a young love song. I’m an autobiographical writer, so I try and write about what’s in my heart. I wrote that about my wife before we were married. She has to bear the cost fortunately and unfortunately being married to a songwriter. Sometimes a fan will come up and ask her a question about a certain song and it hits too close to home. I’m extremely lucky to have her in my life because she’s constantly inspiring me.

Are you excited about your upcoming show in Annapolis?

Absolutely. I have some band friends who play there more often and through them, we found about the venue. We [played there once and I had a blast. We HAD to go back. The world turned on it’s side there for a couple of years and we’re finally getting on to the other side of that. It’s overdue. I had the best crab sandwich at some pub nearby and it was absolutely AMAZING.

Red Wanting Blue plays Rams Head Annapolis on Thursday, March 14th!

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